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Street/Opportunistic Sex Work

Links to research regarding sexual services sold outdoors or opportunistically. To share research on this page please fill in the form on the 'Contact Us' page or email

Walk this way - The impact of mobile interviews on sensitive research with street-based sex workers

Lucy Neville & Erin Sanders-McDonagh (2019)

An evaluation of services offered by a third-sector organisation in London to street based sex workers

walk this way
Download PDF • 285KB

Living and working in areas of street sex work

Jane Pitcher, Rosie Campbell, Phil Hubbard, Maggie O'Neill and Jane Scoular (2006)

This report examines how different sections of the community share residential areas characterised by female street sex work, looking at neighbourhood and policy responses.

Download PDF • 87KB

full report
Download PDF • 267KB

Living with the Other: Street sex work, contingent communities and degrees of tolerance

Maggie O'Neil, Rosie Campbell, Phil Hubbard, Jane Pitcher and Jane Scoular (2008)

In this article, they explore how media representations of sex workers as an abject and criminalized Other inform the reactions of residents to street sex work in such communities.

Living with the Other
Download PDF • 250KB

Working Girls: Abuse or choice in street-level sex work? A study of homeless women in Nottingham

Rachel Harding; Paul Hamilton (2009)

This paper aims to explore how abused homeless women understand their choice to sex work. In particular, there is a discussion of the motivations given by women as to why they sex worked, and it is suggested that abused homeless women can experience coercion from abusive partners in deciding to sex work.

Access the article here.

Pragmatic, Progressive, Problematic: Addressing Vulnerability Through a Local Street Sex Work Partnership Initiative

Kate Brown; Teela Sanders (2017)

Drawing on empirical data gathered in the development of an innovative local street sex work multi-agency partnership in Leeds, this article explores debates, discourses and realities of sex worker vulnerability. Setting applied insights within more theoretically inclined analysis, it is suggested how vulnerability might usefully be understood in relation to sex work, but also highlight how social justice for sex workers requires more than progressive discourses and local initiatives.

Access the article here.

Evaluation of Liberty - Attachment, capabilities and entitlements

Barefoot Research & A Way Out (2019)

This is an evaluation of Liberty, a support service for women who have experienced or have been involved in sexual exploitation/sex work and other vulnerable women in Stockton on Tees and Middlesbrough.

Email A Way Out at for a copy.

Sex markets in Teesside

Barefoot Research (2013)

This is a study into the extent and dynamics of the adult sex market in Teesside, covering the four local authority areas of Middlesbrough, Stockton, Redcar and Cleveland and Hartlepool. It presents a snapshot of information between 2012 and 2013.

Download • 1.56MB

Selling sex for survival - Adult sexual exploitation and prostitution in the North East and Cumbria

Barefoot Research (2016)

Regional picture of sex work across the North East and Cumbria.

Download PDF • 1.28MB

Identifying possible reasons why female street sex workers have poor drug treatment outcomes: a qualitative study

Nikki Jeal, John Macleod, Chris Salisbury, Katrina Turner (2016)

To explore street sex workers (SSWs) views and experiences of drug treatment, in order to understand why this population tend to experience poor drug treatment outcomes.

Read the article here.

The lived experience of UK street-based sex workers and the health consequences: An exploratory study

Rebecca Mellor, Andrew Lovell (2011)

The complex, difficult lives and subsequent health issues of street-based female sex workers are well documented. This paper explores the health needs of a group of sex workers in one geographical locality in the north-west of England.

Read the paper here.


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