International Sex Workers' Rights Day

Events, celebrations and publications when sex workers and activists come together to remember March 3rd, International Sex Workers' Rights Day.

Today on March 3rd 2021 Sex Workers, activists and supporters come together to highlight the inconsistencies and atrocities towards the rights for sex workers globally and the amount of work that is still to do until they achieve parity with the rest of society. Due to archaic laws the majority of sex workers around the world still face a daily struggle due to stigma, discrimination and criminalisation of their work. The North East Sex Work Forum supports full decriminalisation of sex work and stands in solidarity with all affected by this unfair treatment.

Events and Publications

Gender Research Hub at Wolfson College (University of Cambridge)

At 7PM on Thursday 4 March, the Gender Hub has organised a panel with 8 sex workers from 5 different countries, who will be speaking about sex work and borders.

This is the website of the event and the Facebook event. You need to register in advance on the website.

These are the speakers: Pye Jakobsson (Rose Alliance), Sabrina Sanchez (OTRAS, from Spain), Kate McGrew (SWAI), Catherine Healy and Cherida Fraser (New Zealand), Amalia Luna and Betty Foxxx (Collective of prostitutes of Seville) and Charlotte (English Collective of Prostitutes).

This is the website, in case the link above does not work:

This is the Facebook event:

A Way Out - Stockton-on-Tees



To mark International Sex Workers' Rights Day NSWP have launched new infographic and animation formats of key advocacy tools. Each was designed and created by Smo Sienkiewicz. Explore more here:…

Umbrella Lane

Happy #SexWorkersRightsDay Be sure to check out the video that they've put together to tell you a little more about today.