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COVID 19 Safety Resources

This page shares national and international resources for keeping safe while working in the sex industry during COVID pandemic. If any more information regarding the resources or anything else please fill out the form on the 'Contact Us' page or email

UK Resources

Fact sheet in Romanian from Basis Yorkshire, read here.

For people who use drugs access a factsheet here.

COVID-19 tips & tricks - Info for sex workers

Fact sheet here.

SWARM - Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement

Access resources that SWARM have compiled for sex workers seeking information for navigating the current situation with COVID-19 here.

International Resources


ASWA - African Sex Workers Alliance

Two infographics, downloadable and printable regarding safety during COVID 19:

New Zealand

NZPC (New Zealand Prostitutes Collective ) - access their safety information here.

Republic of Ireland

The Sexual Health Centre in Cork, has launched its #SafeRsexwork campaign, to highlight the support available for individuals involved in the adult entertainment/sex industry during the COVID-19 outbreak. Click here to access the information.

SWAI, GOSHH and Cork Sexual Health Centre have created a safety resource for street sex work during the COVID-19 crisis, this can be printed out for your own use or for services to distribute to workers. This is COVID specific and designed to accompany usual safety strategies not to replace them, the second sheet is Republic Ireland specific:


Scarlet Alliance - Australian Sex Workers Association

Sex Work, Harm Reduction and COVID-19

This harm reduction resource aims to provide information to sex workers, in various languages, on transmission of COVID-19 and information on adapting your work practices, what services you provide, your screening practices and employing enhanced hygiene and cleaning measures as part of reducing risk of COVID-19. You can access this resource here.

Switzerland - Information regarding the opening up of parlours here.


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